Why ProjectCodeX?

Improves Confidance

Coding is Known as the most powerful weapon of the era. It Build a Students Imagination.

Coding fosters creativity.

By experimenting, children learn and strengthen their brains with thoughts.

Helps to improve Maths

Coding helps to visualise abstract concepts, lets them apply math to real-world situations

Improve Acadamic Performance

Children who learn to code understand how to plan.

Our Causes

Popular Causes What You Should Know

Scratch Programming for Kids

  • Raised: ₹3,000.00
  • Goal: ₹10,000.00

Complete JAVA training

  • Raised: ₹1,500.00
  • Goal: ₹10,000.00

C++ Programming

  • Raised: ₹5,500.00
  • Goal: ₹10,000.00