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What We Do?

We Are In A Mission To Help The Helpless

Project Coderex provides children, no matter who they are or where they come from, with an exciting opportunity to learn how to code and excel in their life and schools. Coding skills are very necessary in building the logical skills of a child. It also builds problem solving skills. The courses are taught by most educated and talented facilities of not only India but the world. Their step by step procedural learning helps shape all students at their best potential.

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    Benefits to Students

    Children can :

    • Become better thinkers
    • Develop a logical approach to complete tasks
    • Gain confidence with the knowledge needed in preparation for the world of work
    • Increase their creativity
    • Acquire computational thinking skills
    • Learn how the digital world around them works
    • Use these coding skills in a huge variety of professions in the future
    • Aid their problem-solving in day to day life

    Benefits to Parents

    By 2020, there will be 1 million more jobs available for computer science students, but many people have not learned this subject. Through Code Camp, your child can learn to code in a fun, fantastic and free way!

    If Code Camp is not running in your child’s school, then contact the school and get it started!’

    Benefits to School

    • Easy to set up and get started with minimal facility requirements
    • Coding is the best extra-curricular activity to prepare students for the 21st century
    • Code Camp can help schools to produce quality students
    • ‘Code Camp is fun, interactive and enjoyable, while imparting useful skills’
    • Students learning a new approach to thinking can utilise this in other parts of their academic life.
    • ‘Students benefit from a curriculum which extends beyond their usual subjects, which means they appreciate school life more.’

    In association With:

    Right To Education

    Objective of Right to Education is to empower and educate people to excel in computers and mathematics. We have tied up institutions to allow us to use their space for live workshops and coding sessions. There are several online sessions through which we are able to teach students on a weekly basis.
    We have managed to educate more than 300+ girls and 350+ Boys from standard 8th to College.
    Started with 2 members and now we have 15 active volunteers working for us with us.
    We have sponsors for the events who look after food and Digital equipment like Laptops and projectors and food meals.

    The School Uplift Project

    I visited this school in the 9th Grade called Saraswati Vidhyamandir School 3 hours weekly to teach students Math, Physics and English. I have spent more than 150+ hours to educate and enrich the students.

    I took the initiative to start the project and within 3 months there were more than 15 active volunteers contributing.
    We taught from grade 5th to 11th .
    I got the leadership award from the Rotary club in Himatnagar and many honors from Sabarkantha District.

    Lets Change The World With Humanity

    Become A Volunteer